To thank you guys for the support the server has been getting, I'll be direct and without huge speeches. I'm giving away a copy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim because we hit 28 players 2 days ago.

To join the giveaway you need to be:

  • Registered on website
  • Subscribed to me and kaisey's youtube channel
  • At least rank C+ on the server

Format: (Comment this on this post)

Steam Name: (The steam login username, not display username)
How long have you been on scw:
Suggestions to make it better:
Why do you want TESV:

The winner will be picked tomorrow through randomORG
Channel links:
CheeseKaike (Jake's channel)
SimplyKaisey (Kaisey's channel)

Lenazo lenazo is my steam, Used to play on the old scworks then lost ip, 3 days currently currently F I would Love to have Elde ...
CreeperNinja55 Steam is lightwolf1030 2 years ons scworks Suggestion: make scworks like how it was before witch it OP, with op picks wi ...
Louco2001 Admin Suggestions: prison: autosell toggle,parkour and easy quests that would reward items. If there is factions: gadgets, too ...