The staff have decided to possibly revive scworks from the ashes it is in today. We, however need help getting there; as some of you may know Quantum and SC previously closed due to a financial crisis that rendered us to no be able to fund the server for 2 months, which resulted in the death of both servers.

We now have managed to sort everything out, generally and financially. We have come to the conclusion that we should attempt to revive scworks, but sorting everthing out does not provide us with the funding that we need to run a server.

That is why we are asking for all of you guys, the scworks community, to help us raise 50$ to help us revive scworks! We already made a module for the kickstarter below this post.

      Mita, Luka and Jake.

iMelonade MIT Im thinking about donating the remaining 40$ but i can't use paypal unless you put in something like paysafe
VaniteMC so mitas an owner now? thats awesome :3
MonsterrDeBeast Only 6 people will know this what happened in the lxshop stayed 13 hours mining got rich so quick lol 500 millipn per st ...